It’s an easy way to manage data and columns by GUI

In this livewire datatable, you can manage data efficiently in GUI.
You can add and edit columns and make columns sortable, searchable, editable, and filterable. You can edit data inline and delete it!

Install via composer

composer require devaweb/livewire-data-table

Use it…

@livewire('livewire-data-table', [ 'model' => \App\Models\User::class ], key('table-1'))

See full documentation here…



This is a minor issue, but it took me a few hours to figure it out! But after finding out I counted my mistakes and smiled to myself!

In the code, Everything was perfect. the variable was defined perfectly but it show’s the [undefined error] in the production environment.

The problem was the filename and the component class name were mismatched. which means camelcase problem. that’s all!


This problem can be avoided by using CLI to create livewire components. see the livewire doc…

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Welcome, Thank you for trying this package! It saves your time on UI development and I will make sure it meets your need. This package can be used on a new or existing Laravel project.

But, the Tailwind CSS and the Alpine JS must be installed and configured. Because this package does not cover the installation process of these packages

Install required packages

Install BladeTail-UI package via the composer!

composer require devaweb/bladetailui

Or, Get it from Github — Click here!

Publish the Assets!

After installing the package you need to publish the package assets like config and CSS stylesheet! Run this following command to publish the assets!

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In this article, we will know about the new package for laravel called BladeTailUI. the BladeTailUI package is the blade UI components with the Tailwind CSS and the alpine js.

Nowadays, Laravel and its package jetstream with livewire stack mainly use TailwindCss for styling. So, this package more helpful to create a UI.

This package has basic elements like buttons, inputs, select, dropdown, tabs, as blade components with the style based on TailwindCSS. So, you can easy to use it.

Full documentation here…